• Jun 11
  • 2019

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 vs Mi Band 4. What’s new and what’s not.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 was launched on May 31, 2018 in India and it took several months to reach the Indian shores. It was finally launched in India on September 24th, 2018 in India and was available through the Mi stores, Mi.com and Amazon.in. The fitness tracker was a massive hit and Xiaomi claimed that in May 2019 that it had sold over 1 million units since its launch (in September 2018).

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  • Aug 3
  • 2015

Mobile phone cover is #1 mobile phone accessory and how I bought one from Cool Mango!

Well no time no post 🙁 Life has made me busy…But finally hear it goes….

Mobile phones have become a hot commodity in the Indian market with every major player launching a new model every other week. The market is flooded with so many options of mobile handsets with various specs and various price ranges. The end user is not only spoilt for choice but sometimes too confused on what mobile phone to choose with peers, website reviews and videos spewing out confusing information and views.

Irrespective of what mobile is bought there are a few accessories that one needs to allocate budget for while making a mobile phone. Some of these accessories are additional chargers, headsets and power banks. But the one accessory that really tops the list is the mobile phone cover. Read more »

  • Dec 28
  • 2011

WordPress Older Posts Widget

For another WordPress blog which I maintain, I required a widget which will display older posts. The WordPress blog’s home page displayed 10 recent posts. But there were at least 15 other older posts that needed some exposure. I needed a widget which would display the older posts starting from the 11th post on the home page side bar. I was surprised to find there existed no such widget in the WordPress plugin directory which would display older posts.

There was a forum discussion about displaying older posts but it was inconclusive. So I went on to hack this widget (which is based on WordPress’ default Recent Post widget” to create the Older Posts widget. Read more »

  • Nov 22
  • 2011

Bulk delete pending wordpress comments

Been under a comment spam attack lately? Or you just did not have time to delete spam comments over several months and you now have hundreds of spam comments that needs be deleted page by page using the wordpress admin? Don’t fret, there are a couple of easy ways to bulk delete pending comments in your wordpress blog.
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  • Oct 29
  • 2010

Superfast way to setup phpMyAdmin : Simple as 1-2-3

Okay, you are stuck with a host that does not provide phpMyAdmin or you have a standard cpanel hosting account, where if you need to give a developer or somebody else access to phpMyAdmin, you need to give them access to cpanel, which gives them access to the entire hosting control panel,a big risk.

These situations are common but don’t despair, setting up of phpMyAdmin and get it up and running can be done in a few simple steps. Read more »

  • Oct 12
  • 2010

RSS Feeds: What is it? How can you use it?

RSS which stands for really simple syndication, refers to a type of web feed format. Simply put, a web feed is an application that syndicates (retrieves) content from different sites in the web, to display them in the user’s ‘web-based’ or ‘desktop- based reader’.

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  • Aug 8
  • 2008

Remove link to comment authors website from wordpress Comments

Are you tired of moderating, removing or editing the URLs of people who post comments in your wordpress blog? Are you sick of all the comment spammers who post those cookie cutter comments using scripts in your blog just to post links in your blog via the comment links to comment authors site? Well I was! And that’s when I decided that I would hack the wordpress code a little bit to totally disable linking to commenter’s site from the comments posted in the blog. Read more »

  • Jun 2
  • 2008

How to Move or Rename your windows profile folder

You may want to rename or move the folder in which Windows stores your profile information for one of the following reasons

•You have renamed your user account via computer management and windows still uses the folder with the old username to store your profile information.
•You want to move the profile folder from its default location to a different location for reasons like backing up, making up space in the drive windows is installed etc.
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  • Sep 24
  • 2007

Google Local business [India] date bug

Few moments ago submitted my organization’s listing to Google [India] Local business(still in Beta).  Located a silly bug which should have never been carried on till the beta phase. Read more »

  • Sep 19
  • 2007

Internet Explorer : Clearing temporary internet files automatically

In my previous post I described how you can clear temporary internet files to protect your privacy. But doesn’t it become too much of an hassle to clear the temporary internet files manually every time you finish browsing? Yes, it does and that’s why windows offers a nifty option of automatically deleting/removing temporary internet files

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