Mobile phone cover is #1 mobile phone accessory and how I bought one from Cool Mango!

Well no time no post 🙁 Life has made me busy…But finally hear it goes…. Mobile phones have become a hot commodity in the Indian market with every major player launching a new model every other week. The market is flooded with so many options of mobile handsets with various specs and various price ranges. The end user is not only spoilt for choice but sometimes too confused on what mobile phone to...

Remove link to comment authors website from wordpress Comments

Are you tired of moderating, removing or editing the URLs of people who post comments in your wordpress blog? Are you sick of all the comment spammers who post those cookie cutter comments using scripts in your blog just to post links in your blog via the comment links to comment authors site? Well I was! And that’s when I decided that I would hack the wordpress code a little bit to totally...

Google Local business [India] date bug

Few moments ago submitted my organization’s listing to Google [India] Local business(still in Beta).  Located a silly bug which should have never been carried on till the beta phase.

Clearing temporary internet files and cookies

Temporary internet files and cookies compromise your privacy. Anybody who has acesss to your computer can learn about your browsing habits and sites that you visit by seeing your temporary internet files and cookies. This post explains how to clear temporary internet files and delete cookies to protect your privacy

Internet Explorer : Removing address bar suggestions (auto complete)

Windows XP like other versions of windows has a feature called auto complete in internet explorer which is activated by default. Auto complete (auto suggestions) is very helpful because it tries to complete the web address you are typing in the address bar by providing suggestions automatically based on the words you type.