WordPress Older Posts Widget


For another WordPress blog which I maintain, I required a widget which will display older posts. The WordPress blog’s home page displayed 10 recent posts. But there were at least 15 other older posts that needed some exposure. I needed a widget which would display the older posts starting from the 11th post on the home page side bar. I was surprised to find there existed no such widget in the WordPress plugin directory which would display older posts.

There was a forum discussion about displaying older posts but it was inconclusive. So I went on to hack this widget (which is based on WordPress’ default Recent Post widget” to create the Older Posts widget.

This is just a simple widget. Just drag and drop this widget into the side bar just like any other widget. It asks from starting from which recent post till which recent post it should display. Enter these values and save it. So let’s say your blog home page currently displays 10 recent posts. Just enter the starting post as 11 and enter say 10 as the number of posts it needs to display. The widget will display 10 posts starting from your 11th oldest post. . Installation instructions are added as a part of the plugin package it’s simple just like installation of any other widget.

Hope this widget is of some use to somebody 🙂

Download Older Posts Widget