What I learnt

  • Wed 28
  • 2011

WordPress Older Posts Widget

For another WordPress blog which I maintain, I required a widget which will display older posts. The WordPress blog’s home page displayed 10 recent posts. But there were at least 15 other older posts that needed some exposure. I needed a widget which would display the older posts starting from the 11th post on the […]

  • Fri 29
  • 2010

Superfast way to setup phpMyAdmin : Simple as 1-2-3

A quick & simple 2 minute method of setting up phpMyAdmin in your host to manage MySQL databases.

  • Fri 8
  • 2008

Remove link to comment authors website from wordpress Comments

Are you tired of moderating, removing or editing the URLs of people who post comments in your wordpress blog? Are you sick of all the comment spammers who post those cookie cutter comments using scripts in your blog just to post links in your blog via the comment links to comment authors site? Well I […]

  • Mon 12
  • 2007

Kilo Bytes Per Second vs. Kilo Bits Per Second (KBps vs. kbps)

This post clearly explains the differences between KBps and kbps i.e. Kilo Bytes per second and kilo bits per second. Also explains why the internet download speeds are never equal to the connectivity speed or bandwidth.