How to Move or Rename your windows profile folder

You may want to rename or move the folder in which Windows stores your profile information for one of the following reasons •You have renamed your user account via computer management and windows still uses the folder with the old username to store your profile information. •You want to move the profile folder from its default location to a different location for reasons like backing up, making...

Clearing temporary internet files and cookies

Temporary internet files and cookies compromise your privacy. Anybody who has acesss to your computer can learn about your browsing habits and sites that you visit by seeing your temporary internet files and cookies. This post explains how to clear temporary internet files and delete cookies to protect your privacy

View and Print E-Mail Without the “>” Symbol

Often the e-mail you receive is full of annoying “greater than” symbols (>), which can be a nuisance when you are trying to read or print your messages.
Here is an easy way to rid yourself of that pesky symbol:

10 Major Differences between Windows XP Home and Windows XP Professional

Two CPU recognition Windows XP Professional is equipped to recognize and use the resources of two CPUs if available in the system. Windows XP Home can use the resources of only one CPU even if the computer has more than one CPU. Here CPU means Processor. Remote Desktop Windows XP Professional has a feature called Remote Desktop using which a computer running Windows XP Professional can be...

Make Windows Boot Faster by Editing Boot.ini File

This mini tutorial teaches you on how to edit and tweak the Boot.ini in your windows XP machine to make your windows load much faster. What is the Boot.ini file? The lowly Boot.ini file is one of the very first files windows refers during the boot process. It has important information on where windows XP is located (in which hard drive and in which partition). Also if it’s a multi-boot system it...