Mobile phone cover is #1 mobile phone accessory and how I bought one from Cool Mango!


Well no time no post 🙁 Life has made me busy…But finally hear it goes….

Mobile phones have become a hot commodity in the Indian market with every major player launching a new model every other week. The market is flooded with so many options of mobile handsets with various specs and various price ranges. The end user is not only spoilt for choice but sometimes too confused on what mobile phone to choose with peers, website reviews and videos spewing out confusing information and views.

Irrespective of what mobile is bought there are a few accessories that one needs to allocate budget for while making a mobile phone. Some of these accessories are additional chargers, headsets and power banks. But the one accessory that really tops the list is the mobile phone cover. In the western world like in the United States, mobile phone covers are not a necessity. This is because, the environment is as such dust free and importantly most of the floors are carpeted. So a gentle fall of the mobile phone from a chair or desk is not going to cause any permanent damage. But in India this is not the scenario. We have dust and grime everywhere and a mobile cover is definitely required to protect the precious investment from these elements. Even more importantly most of our floors are tiled and hard and hence a gentle fall even from a desk top is definitely going to break the mobile phone and the owner’s heart and hence a decent mobile cover is the first and the most important accessory that one needs to buy along with a mobile phone.

Just like how one is spoilt for choices with mobile phones, same is the case for mobile covers as well. There are several types and brands of mobile covers, ranging from thin TPU covers to tough armor covers which give maximum protection. There are also flip covers and hard plastic backs. The online market places seem to have the most options compared to retail stores as per my recent experience of buying a mobile cover for my K3 note. After searching far and wide in various market places I ended up landing in a rather uniquely named site called Cool Mango ( , they apparently sell mobile covers under their brand with the same name and I tried them. They also seem to be major sellers in Amazon, Flipkart as well. But I bought from their website directly and to my pleasant surprise, got the package well packed in their own branded box in 2 days’ time. The product was definitely good and I enjoyed their purchase I would recommend them to my readers as wel. Go Cool Mango! Website