Clearing the visited websites history from Internet Explorer


Internet explorer by default stores and records all websites that you visit for a 30 day period. This websites history is easily available to all users and any user of your computer can easily see the complete list of websites that you have visited in the past does breaching your privacy.

To prevent such things to happen, it’s advisable to clear the browser history on a regular basis, preferably at the end of every browsing session to maintain privacy. The only downside of deleting the browser history would be that if you forget the URL or address of the website you have visited in the past, you wouldn’t be able to go to your browser history and easily locate it.

To clear websites history is straight forward process.
1.    Open up internet explorer,
2.    Once its open, in the menu, click on tools and then select Internet options
3.    Then click on clear history button.

Clear internet history internet explorer

This clears your internet history. You can also adjust the number of days internet explorer maintains your browser history. By default it’s 30 days.  Click ok to save the changes and exit the screen. With your internet history under control, your windows privacy control is much easier.