Internet Explorer : Clearing temporary internet files automatically


In my previous post I described how you can clear temporary internet files to protect your privacy. But doesn’t it become too much of an hassle to clear the temporary internet files manually every time you finish browsing? Yes, it does and that’s why windows offers a nifty option of automatically deleting/removing temporary internet files

every time you finish a browsing session i.e. every time you close internet explorer.  Enabling this option is quite simple and once done you need not bother anymore of clearing your temporary internet files and thus worry about breach of your privacy.

Follow these simple steps:
Open up the internet options window from the tools menu in internet explorer, click on the advanced tab. Tick on the option which says “Empty temporary internet files folder when browser is closed” and click on ok to save settings and close the window. Now windows automatically clears temporary internet files every time you finish browsing.

Step1: Open Internet options window of Internet Explorer

Internet Options Window

Step 2: Click on advanced tab and you will see the following window

Internet Options  advanced tab

Step 3: Tick on option “Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed” then click on Ok to close the Internet options window. DONE!