Make Windows Vista look and feel like Windows XP


Some people crave Vista’s new interface; others feel like they’re looking at a rental car’s unfamiliar dashboard. Follow these steps to make Vista look almost like Windows XP:

1. Start by changing the Start menu: Right-click the Start button, choose Properties, select Classic Start Menu, and click OK.

2. Next, bring back the desktop: Right-click a blank part of the desktop and choose Personalize. Choose Theme and then choose Windows Classic from the Theme pull-down menu. Click OK.

3. Finally, put the menus back on top of each folder: Open your Documents folder from the Start menu. Then click the Organize button, choose Folder and Search Options, and choose Use Windows Classic Folders. Click OK.

The above steps not only brings back the old Windows XP look and feel but also reduces the load off an old PC struggling with vista’s fancy graphics and layers.


  • the suggetion gives a “look and feel” like windows xp.. but in fact it is more like windows classic than anything like windows xp!

  • Um, that does not look like xp. It looks like either win 98 or 2000. Anyway, it sped up my vista.