View and Print E-Mail Without the “>” Symbol


Often the e-mail you receive is full of annoying “greater than” symbols (>), which can be a nuisance when you are trying to read or print your messages.
Here is an easy way to rid yourself of that pesky symbol:

1. Select all of the text inside an e-mail, and then simultaneously press the Ctrl key and the C key.

2. Open a new, blank document inside a word-processing program like Microsoft Word.

3. Paste the text of your e-mail into the new document by simultaneously pressing the Ctrl key and the V key.

4. Use the program’s Find and Replace feature to locate all of the > symbols in your text and replace them with a blank space.To do this in Microsoft Word:

  • Click the Edit drop-down menu.
  • Select Replace.
  • A window opens.Type > (the “greater than” symbol) in the Find What box.
  • In the Replace With box, do not type anything (leave it blank)
  • Click the Replace All button.